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Upcoming 2024 Solo Exhibitions

Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

10.03.24 –10.27.24

Opening Reception: Fri 10.04, 5-8pm

2024 Group Exhibitions

Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

03.28.24 – 04.24.24

Opening Reception: Thurs 03.28, 5-8pm


Mills Pond Gallery, Stony Brook, NY

01.27.24 – 02.24.24

Opening Reception: Sat 02.27, 1-4pm


Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY

01.20.24 – 02.04.24

Opening Reception: Sat 01.20, 5-7pm

2024 Awards

23rd Julia Margaret Cameron Award

for Women Photographers;

Honorable Mention: Open Theme

Single Image (x3) and Series (x1)


17th Annual International Color Awards; Nominee in Still Life

Living in New York, British born, Janine Menlove is a photo-based artist. Through constructed photography and assemblage art, Janine Menlove explores relationships between object, place, and time. Using her original photographs, she constructs narratives of personal and/or global reference in her characteristic style of significance and whimsy. Environmental and social issues guide her aesthetic choices in numerous projects of diverse themes and concepts—Menlove is always pushing the boundaries of her creativity. 


"The allure of photomontage is the practical capacity to breakdown limitations between imagination and reality. Narratives are created with compilations of diverse and fragmented visual information. Combinations of contradictory elements are limitless making my process include the somewhat colossal detail of choices and possibilities. Beginning with a concept, final artwork is a result of persistence, chance and discovery coming together in harmony."


Menlove's prolific career in commercial photography created opportunities and awareness in a myriad of subjects that inform her artwork today. Also traveling the globe on thousands of assignments, photographing cars, places, architecture, and celebrities created an extensive archive of photographs central to her visual story telling.


Menlove's artwork is exhibited in solo, and group shows and is in private and corporate collections. Menlove lives with her husband just North of New York City on the banks of the Hudson River. Menlove is always "snapping photos" and seeking new stories as she appreciates nature and culture in the Hudson Valley and New York City.

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